Highlights from my YouTube Training at the Annual NAR Conference 2022

Holy cow, y’all, my brain just exploded. I gave a YouTube training presentation at the National Association of REALTORS annual conference in Orlando. Bucket list item? Check!

As you know, I’ve built my business from YouTube videos that I typically film in my home office. Nothing fancy, no professional cinematographer following me around with a $5000 camera. Just me, my webcam, and I. And a decent microphone.

So to be able to share my knowledge and passion with 700 or so of my fellow REALTORS was a dream come true. If you missed it, let me give you the highlights:

YouTube kicks social media’s butt all day long.  Social media, no matter which platform, has worse click through rates than YouTube. You must post daily (or multiple times a day) to keep engagement high. In my YouTube training, I recommend once a week.

YouTube content not only lasts forever, it still gets discovered by new people every day. Not true with social. There’s a reason why people don’t comment on videos that are two months old.

Quit making commercials. No one cares about all your designations, how you’re a top producer, how many awards you’ve won. The humble brag is a poorly disguised sales pitch and spoiler alert, they KNOW it’s a sales pitch.  The only thing you should talk about in your videos is stuff the audience wants to know, so quit making it all about you.

You don’t need videos to go viral to get business.

You don’t need to be young, skinny, and super charismatic on camera to get clients.

Repurposed content from other platforms that have been uploaded in their original format (i.e. a Facebook Live or square IG video) don’t perform well. Save your time and quit doing that.

That’s my hour long YouTube training in 5 minutes. You’re welcome. 🤣

Want some free resources to help you get started? Visit my Video Boss Agent community for tips, checklists, and guides to make making YouTube videos a piece of cake.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me because I’m submitting an application to speak next year too. Yeah baby!

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