Mad YouTube Scientist Shares 5 Hacks For Choosing A Channel Name

The Scientific Approach

I’ve formulated a few ideas to help you create the perfect brandable name for your YouTube channel. First, a little about me. You know how Realtors are generally intimidated by online marketing and branding? That’s NOT me. In fact, their fear is your OPPORTUNITY. I’ve made an INSANE amount off of commission generated via my online marketing. I want you to make a ton of money too. It’s fun disrupting our industry.

If you’re you ready to scale your online real estate business to generate more leads, watch my latest (and quite popular) vlog below. Also, below, I did a Net Sheet for your career in 2022. Any questions?

2022 + Your Business + YouTube = Perfect Timing

I’ve calculated your career, using its current online trajectory. It’s not looking good. I know you want to improve your game because you watched my video about name ideas for your FUTURE YouTube channel.

You see, at this point, I’m more of a YouTube scientist than a real estate practitioner. And if I’m leveling with you, I see a future SUPERSTAR in your eyes. Anyone can do it. Seriously. So if you’re ready to be that agent who ‘got lucky’ online, HMU.

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