Can You Become A Virtual Real Estate Agent Via YouTube?

Can You Become A Virtual Real Estate Agent Via YouTube?

Become A Virtual Real Estate Agent Via YouTube

Building A Nearly Entire Virtual Real Estate Business

Greetings fellow REALTORS, my name’s Karin Carr, today I’ll be sharing advice on how you can build a virtual real estate business.

Also, don’t forget to check out the YouTube Video which inspired this post. It’s also where I teach you how to dominate Google and YouTube’s search engine results.

SEO & Your Future

What’s my advice on developing an almost entirely virtual real estate business? Let go of the past! Especially with the events unfolding this decade, prospects want to work with tech-savvy real estate professionals. It’s time to embrace a new way of doing business.

As REALTORS, we all invest quite a bit just to earn more commissions. Dominating your local search results in Google, YouTube, & other search engines/platforms is MUCH more powerful than buying leads or…

    • Cold Calling
    • Door Knocking
    • Farming Neighborhoods
    • Pestering Friends

How About Instead Offering:

    • Virtual Tours
    • Online advice aka Groups or a YouTube Channel
    • 360-Degree Video Tours
    • 360-Degree Open Live Streams
    • A strong SEO presence in Google & YouTube

Replicate & Scale

You know what’s better than a referral-based business? One that makes money for you when you sleep. That’s the power of creating engaging content that educates consumers then mixing that with the power of SEO.

Thankful for my coaching advice helping them create virtual real estate businesses, read KUDOS from REALTORS who took my YouTube For Agents course!

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