Arealtorphobia! 5 REALTOR Tips On How To Feed Algorithmic Spiders

Arealtorphobia! [uh-real-tor-foh-bee-uh]

Noun: REALTORS, for whatever reason, who fear Search Engine Optimization


  • “I don’t know Fred, I’m scared my copy will sound dumb.”
  • “What if I don’t get indexed in the SERPs?!”
  • “I heard you can do YouTube SEO too! This is too much.”
  • “Only younger real estate agents can do this.”

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search engine optimization for realtors


5 Tips For Proper Spider Feeding

  • Write natural, ‘for human’ keyword-rich articles and/or blog posts
  • Don’t ‘keyword stuff’ your content
  • Avoiding repeating the same SEO keyphrases over and over
  • Try to avid using ‘Duplicate Content’
  • Avoid any and all ‘Black Hat’ practices


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