How REALTORS Can Use YouTube SEO To Compete With Zillow On Google

Google Loves Google!

While most of us know that Google loves its own products (such as YouTube), did you know REALTORS using proper SEO on their YT channels can increase their odds against Zillow?

Modern Marketing Reality:

  • The real estate industry is changing fast 
  • Tech Giants delayed disrupting our industry due to the 2008 Crash
  • More agents are marketing online
  • Even stellar content means nothing when it’s unfindable
  • 2021’s most valuable currency is attention

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Attention Is A Modern Currency

We all hear about ‘CRYPTO CURRENCY‘ but what about ‘ATTENTION CURRENCY‘? The pandemic changed life & marketing forever as it ushered in a much more automated world. Not only are brands posting more content online, they’re being smarter about how they create content.

The authenticity with which you connect with your audience AND with how Google sees your brand? Has never been higher. And the higher value Google sees you? The higher you’ll find yourself in the SERPs (if you don’t know that acronym then you REALLY need to start learning our new world).


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Zillow As A Metaphor

While yes, properly learning, understanding, and implementing the highest and best practice of how YouTube SEO works can help you in Google’s ‘Search Engine Results Pages’ (SERPs), I’m using ‘Zillow’ as a metaphor. Basically, there’s TONS of new disruptive tech companies jumping into our industry (hence taking over the SERPs).

Did you enjoy today’s blog regarding REALTORS using YouTube SEO to compete with Zillow in Google?

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