3 Must-Know Real Estate Video Marketing Trends For 2022

3 Real Estate Video Marketing Trends

While it’s nothing new for real estate coaches to rave about video, it’s SHOCKING how many agents still FEAR it. Last week, at a conference in Atlanta, I spoke to a group of over 300 real estate and mortgage professionals. As usual, there were more agents and lenders who did NOT create video content than those who did.

I’ve built my entire business on video, and to a slightly less extent, blogging. I know that video marketing not only works for real estate agents, I know that when done right, it works VERY well. In many cases, simply knowing the latest video marketing trends can help relieve some of the anxiety. That’s why I share three of the latest trends below!

Trend #1: Short-Form Vertical Content

First there was Snapchat, then there was TikTok, then Reels. And now? There’s YouTube Shorts. Vertical videos that are very short, require minimal editing, and don’t go into great detail because there’s just not enough time. You can only say so much in 60 seconds. These videos are great if you like to be funny, shocking, or silly. You can be much more relaxed and unscripted. People don’t expect these videos to be highly produced and/or extremely polished.

If you’re camera shy, short-form videos are a great way to get your feet wet. You can simply be YOURSELF.

Short-Form Video Content Is All The Rage

Trend #2: Long-Form Horizontal Content

YouTube is my sweet spot, my jam. This is my preferred platform and format. If you like to talk, YouTube is a WONDERFUL place to do it. YouTube is owned by Google. And that means a GIANT opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO). People so often think of YouTube as a social media network when in reality, it’s a SEARCH ENGINE. For numerous reasons, long-form content does well on this platform. Your videos can rank not only in YouTube but also in Google searches. This is how you can drive viewers back to your website for additional information. BONUS TIP: To help convert website leads, offer a free, valuable resource such as downloadable eBooks, checklists, and coupons.

For me, YouTube is the Holy Grail of video. People get to know, like, and trust you. I make YouTube videos every week (and have for years). Why? Because the half hour I spend filming a video brings me business for literally YEARS to come. Don’t believe me?

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Long-Form Horizontal Content Is Sill WIDELY Loved

Trend #3: Not Talking About Real Estate!

Lately, I’ve seen some really amazing Realtors on YouTube that, on purpose, are NOT talking about buying/selling real estate! For example, one agent talks about home décor and making your house look and feel expensive on a budget. Another tours fabulous tiny homes and shows how the owner made it out of a shipping container. They tour the really cool house, get the homeowner to tell the story of how they did it, and get them to talk about how they are now using it.

While these channels are not specifically talking about homes for sale in the areas that they service, they get hundreds of thousands of views. They are making money from ad revenue, sponsorships, and brand deals. Plus, a good percentage of the viewers have the need to buy or sell! Sometimes, you sell more by simply EDUCATING or ENTERTAINING.

You Can Even Try Something Unique & Helpful!

In Summary

If you’re still not convinced that video is for you, how about making videos where your face is not on camera? Could you create a video of nothing but footage of the area where you live and you do the narration aka the voice over? We hear you, we are getting to know your personality, and although it is not as good as also seeing your face, it’s better than no video at all.

The above video trends are not only hot right now, they’re incredibly effective lead generation tools. If you hate cold calling, don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising, or simply want to set yourself apart from other agents in your market, I encourage you to get over your fear of being on camera.

When you’re ready to go next level, feel free to let me know!

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