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My Philosophy

When it comes to digital marketing for real estate agents, I believe that it is far more effective to concentrate on one main platform. To master and dominate it. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you simply need to decide the one that you like the best. Commit to it.

If you try to be on all of the platforms and keep up with all of the changes, it’s exhausting. That’s how people either get no results. Because their efforts are so mediocre, or they just burn out.

I 100% believe in inbound marketing efforts. Meaning you put wonderful content out into the world that makes potential buyers and sellers want to contact you. The leads that I get from my YouTube channel are the best leads I’ve received in the 16 years I’ve been in real estate. BTW, you should probably download and guard my  YouTube Marketing Resources For Realtors page!

“best leads I’ve received in the 16 years I’ve been in real estate…”

Compare the above examples to outbound marketing. If you call a For Sale By Owner, darn FSBOs, they’re not receptive. They don’t want to pay your fee which is why they’re trying to do it themselves. So you immediately start the conversation off trying to convince them all of the reasons why they’re wrong. Wrong!

However, when THEY initiate the conversation first? What happens is they already realize your value. They already know who you are, they’ve already done their due diligence on you, and they want your help! Not only is it a smoother relationship with the client but everything about the transaction is usually easier. I will take 10 warm inbound leads over 100 cold calls any day of the week.

digital marketing real estate agent
If You Dominated YouTube, What Would Your Business Look?

When It Comes To Digital Real Estate Marketing

I also believe in picking the one platform that will be most effective. I believe that that’s YouTube. Make sure to bookmark my channel YouTube For Real Estate Agents. YouTube content is evergreen, meaning it lasts forever. You don’t spend all of this time and effort to make a video that will disappear within three days. I’m looking at you, Facebook. Not to mention trying to stay relevant on social it’s just exhausting.

Additionally, as a general rule, people aren’t looking for real estate information on social media. You can spend a ton of time and effort trying to be there, or you can spend a very small amount of time and effort putting your content where the people are actually looking for it.

“trying to stay relevant on social it’s just exhausting…”

Combine your YouTube channel with a website that ranks on the search engines (SERPS) and you have a recipe for a steady stream of inbound leads. As a result you’ll have more new clients and more revenue than you ever thought possible. All without spending a dollar on the advertising.

What this means is that you can do something you enjoy. Something that takes less time in energy and is more effective. Instead of trying to do 27 different things, you focus your time in energy on the one thing that will actually move the needle for you.

real estate agent digital marketing
Are You Ready To Command The Stage?

In Closing

I don’t believe in the hustle and grind mentality. I feel like that’s the shortest way to burn yourself out and leave the business. By simply spending two hours a week on a content strategy? Your inbox will be flooded with so many leads you’ll end up having more free time, better quality clients, and having spent less money spent on pointless marketing and advertising that don’t work. Above all you’re only working the amount of hours that you wish.

What’s the point of having a thriving real estate business if you were working 80 hours a week; never have time to enjoy the money that you’re making? Moreover, what’s the point of spending $5000 a month on buying crappy leads or on marketing efforts that don’t bring you new business? But you have to do something otherwise you wouldn’t have any business at all, right?

“what’s the point of spending $5000 a month on buying crappy leads…”

My name is Karin Carr. I work with real estate agents and teach them how to choose the one thing that will make a difference for them. Using my philosophy, hundreds of agents have transformed their businesses while growing to huge levels of success.

Via digital marketing, these agents actually have enough time off from real estate that they get to enjoy their success.

Feel free to contact me below and keep an eye on The Blog for consistent YouTube Marketing Advice For Realtors. Thanks for reading.


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