Real Estate Agent Coach Karin Carr Reviews Envato’s Placeit

Will Placeit Work For Your Business?

If you were searching Google for a good YouTube review of Placeit, you’ve found it. And I understand. You WANT to shoot, edit, and upload your first real estate video on YouTube but you fear it won’t be good enough. Or, you’re already an active YouTuber but you want to up your game. No worries!

My name’s Karin Carr. I’m not only a top-producing Realtor in Savannah, Georgia, but I’m also a Real Estate Agent Coach. I help real estate professionals just like yourself COMPLETELY TRANSFORM their businesses. Recently, I reviewed Placeit, in particular, how well it handles the intro-making process!

What Is Placeit?

Placeit’s an online mockup, video and design template generator. It can do all sorts of stuff including the creation of your brand’s marketing. This includes the ability to do everything from your browser. Above all, Placeit includes everything from the ability to create logos, online distribution, slick graphics, and like I explain in this review, the ability to create video intros for your YouTube channel. In short, it’s a robust service.

YouTube Is Where It’s At!

Tired of chasing leads? Seriously, you do know it’s almost 2022 right? This isn’t about reinventing the wheel anymore, it’s about reinventing your BUSINESS. The good news is there’s still MASSIVE potential for creating real estate leads using YouTube. As an example, I live, breathe, and eat digital real estate marketing. I’ve taught hundreds of other agents how to do it. And I want to teach YOU.

In Conclusion

With this website it’s my goal to continually feed you with career-changing advice. As a Realtor myself, I had to find an UPDATED way of creating leads. I found that using video, via the platform of YouTube, was the way to go! Within the online world that is YT, there’s much one needs to learn in order to run a successful channel. However, it is EASY to learn and it WILL change the way you generate leads. BIG TIME. In other words, you should check out my channel, YouTube For Agents. Have fun!

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