Karin Carr | Real Estate Agent Coach

I’m Karin Carr, Founder Of Video Boss Agent™.

How did I go from Karin Carr REALTOR® to Karin Carr ‘Real Estate Agent Coach’? Well, after becoming a licensee in 2005, my husband and I moved several times. Each time we relocated it was like being a new agent all over again. I had zero: name recognition, sphere of influence, database, or market share.

In June 2017 we moved from Atlanta to Savannah. ONCE AGAIN, I had to start fresh. With no clients or money coming in, I decided to go all in on my YouTube channel.

I loved being a video creator and figured it would be a solid approach way to building name recognition. I dedicated my time and energy to learning as much as possible about building an engaging YouTube channel. And my business SKYROCKETED!

Today? My YouTube channel is responsible for 75% of my production. That means I never have to farm, cold call, or send mailers. You get it; closings and commission checks.

My Video Boss Agent program shows you all the YouTube Resources & Realtor Tips you need and teaches you: what topics make for good content, how to be comfortable in front of a camera, what titles get maximum views, how to film and edit your videos, YouTube search optimization, and how to promote your videos (cost free)!

The part that makes me happiest is when prospects reach out to me giggling because they think they’re talking to a celebrity. I’m NOT a famous figure yet they act like I have my own hit reality TV show. Well, actually, I do! YouTube!

By the time prospects reach out to me, they’ve already decided to work with me. Because they can tell I’m really busy, they ask if I’m taking on new clients at the present moment. Even when I go on listings appointments, invariably say they feel like they know me already. Typically, I’m the only REALTOR they interview!

Let me coach you on how to be your real estate market’s go-to agent. My program Video Boss Agent (formerly YouTube for Agents) will take your from chasing business to it coming to you.

As A REALTOR®, Ever Wondered “How Can I”…

✔️ Get more clients? Even better, more loyal clients who promote me to their family and friends?

✔️ Get more INBOUND leads that happily contact ME, ready to sign a listing and/or buyer/broker contract?

✔️ Stop PAYING FOR costly, low-performing leads?

✔️ Improve prospects’ seriousness so I’m not chasing always wondering if they’ll convert?

✔️ End ‘feast or famine’ by creating a consistent flow of targeted leads?


In YouTube for Real Estate Agents – Learn how to get FREE leads and never cold call again, you’ll learn why YouTube is the best free advertising you’ll ever find. And it’s entertaining, if I do say so myself. 😁

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