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I’m Karin Carr, Founder Of Karin Carr Coaching

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Hey there! I’m Karin Carr, and I’m a video marketing coach. It all started back in 2016 when I was a real estate agent in a new city, hustling to attract buyers and sellers in my market. You know what worked like magic? YouTube videos! I couldn’t believe the results I was getting.

Before I knew it, other agents were knocking on my door, asking me to spill the beans on my secret sauce. So, I did what any enterprising person would do—I created an online course. But it didn’t stop there. The course turned into a group coaching program, and man, did I love teaching agents how to find their own leads and clients. Thousands of people were implementing my strategies and finding huge success, all by making free YouTube videos!

To spread the word even further, I wrote a best-selling book called “YouTube for Real Estate Agents.” It wasn’t just about showing off fancy homes or building a brand; it was all about using YouTube as a killer lead generation strategy.

But here’s the real deal: I want everyone to know that age, body size, or appearance should never hold you back from making videos. We don’t have to be young, skinny, or drop-dead gorgeous. All we need is a genuine desire to help people, and trust me, that shines through no matter what we look like.

In 2022 I got certified as a mindset coach and retired from real estate after 17 years. Now I’m helping all kinds of coaches, course creators, and consultants learn YouTube and video marketing. I’m the CEO of a 7-figure coaching business. It’s the best job in the world, and I’m lucky enough to have a really great boss! 🤣

So, hop on board, and let’s build a successful coaching practice together using the power of video, funnels, and SEO. I’m here to share what works, especially if it’s free and fun! Because when it comes to coaching, I’m living proof that you can achieve great things by focusing on what truly matters and making the most of the platforms that work best for you.

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