How To EFFORTLESLY Use YouTube Analytics To Get More Views!

More Views = Higher Quality Leads

For real estate agents wondering how to make their YouTube Channel scale, the platform’s built-in analytics tool is especially important.

Here on my blog, using both video and written content, I post regular YouTube Tips For Realtors. If you want to grow your business, today’s video is a MUST watch.


Why We Must Listen To Our Audience

So many real estate professionals just think about leads, size of audience, etc. The KEY thing is, our audiences are our business’ greatest strengths. Via a solid understanding of how to use the deep analytics in which YouTube provides us, we get to better LISTEN to our audiences’ needs. Understanding what content works best for the goals you have set will help you obtain said goals.

In a day and age where everyone and their uncle wants to overload the internet with content, how about we all use STRATEGY. There’s no other better way to establish a strategy than to be told EXACTLY what your audience likes and does NOT like.


In Conclusion

Think about this deep thought for a minute, do YOU like to be listened to? We all do, right?. I know I do. If someone listens to us, they’re more likely to be someone to do business with wouldn’t you say? The bottom line is, you should NEVER create content to please you, you should ALWAYS create content that pleases the AUDIENCE. Nuff said.

In addition to all this YouTube Analytics talk, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff you can do too! This is not that hard. You really CAN do this, got it? I want you to succeed. I want you to take your business into the DIGITAL realm.

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