How to Create Value In Your Business

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Today I want to teach you how to create value in your business. As a quick background on me, I started a side hustle on a whim in 2018 but what I didn’t know is that within four years it was going to be out performing my day job 10 to one. I originally had no plans to quit my day job. I mean I loved it, I loved what I did! I was a real estate agent and I loved helping people… and snooping in other people’s houses. I mean, come on. That’s fun!

But I now I had two full-time jobs and I was splitting my attention equally between both. Something had to give.

I gradually reduced my hours as a Realtor® and built a team of agents. These women are amazing and I love them dearly but the side hustle coaching business was 10 times more profitable for me than the day job.

After agonizing over what to do for a good six months I finally decided to shut down my team and leave my day job. Now I work half the hours that I used to, I’m location independent so I can travel and take vacations, and I am truly financially abundant making almost 6 figures a month. But before I can show you how I did it we have to go back in time first.

How to Create Value with Video

I started a YouTube channel in 2016 to promote my real estate business. I made very simple YouTube videos just like this one to try to attract my ideal client, someone who wanted to buy or sell a house in the cities that I serviced.

And it worked! It worked like gangbusters! Within no time I had agents from all over the world calling me and asking me to tell them how they could do it for themselves. After about 50 phone conversations with people in California and Florida and New York and Canada and Australia and the UK, I saw a need for this kind of training.

Most other real estate coaches were teaching agents to make videos that were nothing more than commercials. Talk about yourself, your personal life, let them get to know you and your family. Tell them how you can help them and why you are the best agent in town. Unfortunately on YouTube, nobody cares about that.

Which brings me to secret number one. The more value you can provide to the world the more successful you can become. Agents wanted to learn how to create value that would attract clients without being overly self promotional. I saw the need to train agents to make very low budget, simple to produce videos for YouTube. They were overwhelmingly putting a ton of content on social media and not getting any results unless they paid to boost the posts. I wrote a best selling book, YouTube for Real Estate Agents – Learn how to get FREE real estate leads and never cold call again. To date it has sold more than 15,000 copies.

Don’t ever boost your post. Please, just don’t.

I created a video marketing training program for real estate agents and it made $102,000 the first year that I put it out into the world. I knew I was onto something. There was a lot of demand for this kind of training and at the time there was nothing else out there like this. A few other people have come along since then but I don’t worry about the competition because they have totally different personalities. Most of them are men, they love using drones and elaborate editing techniques and my approach was the total opposite. Do as little as you can get away with and still have it work. Nobody’s trying to be a full-time content creator, they’re just trying to get paying clients for their business without dropping $10,000 a month on FB ads.

Am I right?

Give Before You Ask

I taught them how to create a very simple filming area like what I have here. I taught them how to come up with content ideas, what to talk about in their videos, what to say and what not to say, and how to get over their fear of being on camera.

I taught them how to film the video, edit the video or get someone else to edit it for them, my personal favorite, and make sure that it gets found by people on YouTube who are looking for that information.

Secret number two is to overdeliver. Give them so much more than what they expected when they pay for your product or service. I completely over delivered to these people. I gave them everything I knew that would help them be successful and thousands of people went through this program. So many people got amazing results, it blew my mind. A few months ago one of my students said he was going to make $1 million this year and 80% of his clients had found him from his YouTube channel.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my customers and what they need, what will help them, what’s getting in their way. What can I give them that will help them overcome that obstacle? They enroll in my program but they get so much more that the only way they won’t have success is if they just give up and stop doing it.

You WILL Fail Over and Over

Which leads me to secret number three. It doesn’t have to take a long time to create the business of your dreams. It can be easy, it can be simple, it can be fun. It can look however you want it to look, but you can’t give up if things get hard or if something gets in your way.

Do not indulge in overwhelm, confusion, and feeling sorry for yourself. That’s not gonna help you. Not gonna help you create a business, not gonna help you get rich, not going to help you serve your potential customers and clients to the best of your ability.

You will fail along the way. You will try things that will not work at all. Are you going to let that completely stop you so that you throw in the towel? Or are you going to say ha, that’s interesting… I wonder why that happened? And then see if you can figure out what caused it, learn from it, and do it differently the next time.

The only thing stopping you from the success that you want is this right here (if this were a video you’d see metapping on my brain) and luckily that is completely within your control.

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