Best Microphones: A Coach’s Guide to Affordable Audio

Choosing the best microphones for your YouTube videos

Best Microphones: A Coach’s Guide to Affordable Audio

Hey there, fabulous coaches! If you’re anything like me, you want to leverage the power of video to grow your coaching business without feeling like you need a Ph.D. in tech. And let’s face it, we 40-60-year-old gals know a thing or two about hard work and perseverance, but deciphering which microphone to choose for our YouTube videos can be a real head-scratcher. So, I’m here to help you find the best microphones for YouTube, from lavalier to shotgun mics, without having to dig deep into your purse or get lost in a sea of technical jargon.

Lavalier Microphones: Tiny but Mighty

Lavalier mics, also known as lapel mics, are those cute little clip-on microphones that you attach to your clothing. They come in both wired and wireless varieties, and they’re perfect for those intimate coaching moments when you want to have a heart-to-heart with your audience.

Wired Lavalier Mics


  1. Budget-friendly: Wired lavalier mics won’t have you running for the hills when you see the price tag.
  2. Simple setup: Just plug it into your recording device, and you’re good to go.


Limited mobility: The wire can be a bit of a nuisance if you’re an animated speaker like me, but hey, we all have our quirks!

Wireless Lavalier Mics


  1. Freedom to move: Dance around the room as you please; the wireless Lavalier mic has got you covered.
  2. No tangled wires: Say goodbye to the wire spaghetti monster hiding in your bag.


  1. Price: Wireless lavalier mics can be a bit pricier, but sometimes it’s worth treating yourself.
  2. Batteries: Keep an eye on your battery life, or you might find yourself in a mid-sentence power outage.

Shotgun Mics: Capturing Your Voice from Afar

Shotgun mics are those long, slender microphones that are great for capturing audio from a distance. They’re perfect if you’re going for that TED Talk vibe or if you want to keep your microphone out of the shot.


  1. Directional audio: These mics focus on capturing sound directly in front of them, reducing background noise.
  2. Versatility: Use them on-camera, off-camera, or even on a boom pole for those fancy overhead shots.


  1. Price: Shotgun mics can be a bit more expensive, but the quality is worth it.
  2. Requires additional equipment: You may need a shock mount and a boom pole, but think of it as an investment in your coaching empire.

Bluetooth Microphones: Cutting the Cord

Bluetooth microphones are the wireless wonders of the audio world, giving you the freedom to record without the need for cables. They’re perfect for on-the-go coaches who want to minimize their setup time and don’t want to be tied down by wires.


  1. Portability: These mics are lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for impromptu coaching sessions.
  2. Easy setup: Simply connect to your device via Bluetooth and hit record.


  1. Compatibility: Make sure your recording device supports Bluetooth before you take the plunge.
  2. Battery life: Just like with wireless Lavalier mics, you’ll need to keep an eye on battery life to avoid any unexpected interruptions during your coaching sessions.

Podcasting Microphones: For the Chatty Coaches

Podcasting mics are ideal for coaches who love to share their wisdom through the spoken word. These microphones are designed for capturing high-quality audio, perfect for podcasting, live streams, or even creating your own coaching audiobook.


  1. Professional sound: Podcasting mics deliver crisp, clear audio that makes your voice shine.
  2. Versatility: They’re great for various applications, from podcasting to voiceover work.


  1. Requires a computer: You’ll need to connect your podcasting mic to a computer for recording, which might not suit coaches who prefer using a smartphone. For me, this is not really a con. My husband bought me a fabulous podcasting microphone in 2020 for our anniversary since we were stuck in the house and couldn’t go anywhere. Instead of a pretty piece of jewelry, I asked for a great microphone for all of my Zoom calls! It plugs into my computer and has amazing audio. but it is not portable. It stays on my desk 100% of the time.
  2. Price: Some podcasting mics can be pricey, but there are also budget-friendly options available.


Q: Can I use a shotgun mic with my smartphone?
A: Yes, you can! Some shotgun mics come with a 3.5mm plug or a lightning connector, making them compatible with smartphones. Just be sure to check the compatibility before making your purchase.

Q: Which type of microphone is best for recording outdoors?
A: Shotgun mics are a great choice for outdoor recordings, as their directional audio helps to minimize wind and background noise. But, if you’re in a pinch, a Lavalier mic with a windscreen can also do the trick.

Q: Are USB microphones suitable for YouTube videos?
A: Absolutely! USB microphones can offer great audio quality and are easy to set up. Just plug them into your computer, and you’re ready to record. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need a computer for recording, as most USB mics aren’t compatible with smartphones.

Choosing the best microphone for your YouTube coaching videos doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you opt for a lavalier, shotgun, Bluetooth, or podcasting mic, remember to keep your target audience in mind and let your authentic voice shine through.

As you continue to create captivating YouTube videos, be sure to emphasize your unique coaching style and approach, drawing upon your personal experiences and insights. Share success stories and transformative moments from your coaching journey to inspire and motivate others. Engage with your audience through comments, live streams, and Q&A sessions to build a strong and supportive community of individuals who share your vision and values.

As your coaching business scales to new heights, never lose sight of your core principles and mission. Stay true to your non-intimidating and budget-conscious values, ensuring that your services and content remain accessible and relatable to a diverse range of clients. Continuously refine your coaching techniques and adapt your strategies to meet the evolving needs of your clients, all the while staying grounded in your unique perspective and approach.

Embrace your role as an incredible coaching superstar and seize the opportunities that come with it. Collaborate with fellow coaches and industry experts to expand your knowledge and increase your visibility. Share your expertise through guest appearances on podcasts, webinars, and speaking engagements, further solidifying your position as a thought leader in the coaching realm.

In conclusion, the combination of your wisdom, experience, unique perspective, and the right tools, such as a quality microphone, sets the stage for you to excel in the coaching industry. As you create compelling YouTube content and maintain your non-intimidating and budget-conscious values, you are well on your way to scaling your coaching business to new heights. Now is the time to step into the spotlight and make a lasting impact as an incredible coaching superstar!

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