Learn To Make Your $100,000 For Your Business By Using Video

I believe that life is too short to be miserable every day, just so I can earn a buck. I’m on a mission to make lead generation fun & profitable! Care to join me?

Karin Carr

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A Breath Of Fresh Air For An Industry…

Real estate motivational speaker Karin Carr is here for companies seeking to put on a next-level event. A REALTOR® since 2005, Karin has changed the game using YouTube, SEO, and online marketing. She’s the best-selling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents. She has been seen on/at National Association of REALTORS® 2022, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, High Tech/High Touch, Inman Connect, FOX News, KW Family Reunion, and Time.com (among others).

At your event, Karin will humorously reflect on two decades of learning what works and why. Never holding back the details of her forward-thinking strategies, she’ll teach your audience the three necessary stages of content: consumption, curation, and creation. All were delivered in a witty, to-the-point, and highly engaging way.

As a motivational speaker at numerous conventions and having consulted countless real estate agents and brokerages, Karin Carr is ready to help your audience revolutionize their businesses.

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