Hey there, I'm Karin Carr!

I'm a best-selling author, a national speaker on video marketing and SEO, a certified life coach, not to mention, the CEO of a 7-figure business.

But you know what the coolest part is? 90% of my business success comes from organic marketing methods, not $$$ ads or cold leads.

I'm passionate about breaking down complex topics into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces, all while keeping things authentic and real.

No fancy equipment or elaborate editing over here, just practical strategies that you can use today along with a healthy dose of determination.

Ready to learn how to scale your business, boost your impact, and attract your ideal clients all without breaking a sweat?

Let's do this.

Client Magnetism, Minimal Effort, Maximum Results

A Breath Of Fresh Air For Coaches

Stop chasing business and attract it instead! Karin Carr knows exactly how effective this mindset is because her coaching business took off when she adopted this strategy. Karin’s love of all things YouTube led her to create a training program in 2018 for real estate agents around the world who want to generate a steady stream of inbound leads through video marketing.

In 2022 she became a certified life coach and now trains other coaches on the mindset of video marketing and using the power of SEO to attract clients. She is the founder and CEO of Karin Carr Coaching and is thrilled to see the amazing results her students are getting. 

Karin is a national speaker on video marketing. She has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and Time.com. She was a featured speaker at NAR NXT in 2022 and speaks at conferences around the country about the effectiveness of video marketing. Karin is the Amazon bestselling author of YouTube for Real Estate Agents – Learn how to get FREE real estate leads and never cold call again.

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Why 94% of Coaching Channels Fail (While Others Succeed)

Do you know why most YouTube Channels Fail? Is your Coaching Channel failing right now and you need to know how to fix it? In this video we are going to unpack some of the most common mistakes YouTubers make in their videos and how to fix them! So if you are ready to stop seeing your YouTube Channel fail then let’s dive in!

Karin Carr is a certified coach and author of two books on video marketing. She teaches other coaches how to find clients without spending $1 on ads. Video, blogging, and SEO can help you reach the right prospects for free 24/7.

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Karin Carr, the founder of Video Boss, has been on the national stage at Inman Connect and Keller Williams Family Reunion and has spoken on countless podcasts and live streams, such as those hosted by BombBomb, HomeSnap, and many others. Karin also loves speaking at local real estate brokerages, REALTOR® associations, and MLS organizations.

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